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and we’re all into it and it’s good, whatever
it gets intense, they pull away for a minute and I say
“hey, can I ask you a really really awkward question?”
they reply “yeah, sure, of course”
and I lean in and whisper
what would you do.... for a klondike bar

i’m so sexy
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god i feel like such a fucking dumbass right now.
i have to write this lab report for biology and it's due tomorrow.
of course i wait until the last got damn minute to start, because that's how i roll.
i was like 3/4ths finished with it when i was putting in a graph. at first i thought the graph was in a separate window so when i was finished i closed out of it. at the prompt "save without changes" i clicked okay. but then i realized that was my fucking paper i was closing out of and of course i was a dumbass and didn't save it while i was writing.
now i have to start the whole thing over again ;-;
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